Quick Take: Marriage is the New Going Steady

There seems to be a relentless drive in our society to make marriage increasingly easy to get out of or (worse) to brainwash people into thinking they don’t need it at all, that “playing around” is more liberating and that “tying yourself down” in a marriage is enslaving. After all, these people say, sex is natural, marriage isn’t.

As a result, many people get married without a full understanding of its intended purpose and permanence. Too many people get married because they’re “in love” (the crude Hollywood myth) without any real understanding of the sacrifice that marriage requires (the mark of true love).

The truth, however, is that marriage without a permanent, monogamous, sacrificial commitment is not marriage. It’s a contractual friendship with sexual benefits.

Marriage is clearly in trouble in this country. So why do so many people get married when it’s clear they don’t want the reality of it? Maybe it’s the relationship inertia built up by cohabiting couples. Maybe it’s the deep-seated lie that sex is no big deal. Whatever it is, the sad thing is that marriage is the new going steady for too many people. Is it any wonder half of all marriages end in divorce?

Research shows us this time and time again that many societal maladies have their origin in the destruction of the family.

Instead of making marriage easier to get out of, maybe we should figure out a way to make it harder to get into.