For a couple years a few years back I took some short story fiction classes at University of Texas in their extension (non-degree) program. I found that I really enjoyed this new outlet for my writing. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m prolific (understatement)—and I’m not winning the Pulitzer any time soon—but I wrote a few pieces that I’m proud of, and I share them with you here. I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

Losing It, Part 1

NYPD detective Marco Ross thought he left the brutality of the big city behind him when he became Chief of Police of the idyllic coastal town of Sand Point, Texas. He soon learned that if crime wants you, it will find you.

This is my first attempt at writing the type of story that I love to read most. Since my childhood days spending hours in the attic reading Encyclopedia Brown and The Three Investigators, to the guilty adult pleasure of classic hardboiled crime paperbacks, I’ve always been fascinated by mysteries. I love the suspense and the puzzle, wondering where the story will end up. Hopefully I did the genre justice here.

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It Starts Like This…

An experimental piece using repetition and rhyme.

This is probably as close as I’ll get to writing poetry, if that’s even what this is. Many guys can probably relate to this stream of consciousness.

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The Chew Toy Caper

A silly little ditty about a fiendish feline.

This one was fun. It was a creative writing assignment where we had to write a story based on a tabloid headline. I’m not generally a cat guy, but I couldn’t resist this one. It was also an exercise in characterization through body language. I didn’t want a talking cat, so she talks with her distinctly cat-like gestures.

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The Pick Up

A tragic tale of technological tumult.

This is an all too common scene in a world where cell phones are ubiquitous. I’m pretty sure most of us have experienced something like this at least once.

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The New England Chainsaw Massacre

A cautionary tale about returning what you borrow.

This is the first short story that I wrote. It’s goofy and fun, but it whet my appetite for creative writing.

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Lonely Austin Nights

A story of a musician torn between two loves.

The image of the guitar player on stage was inspired by my friend Tim and the title is a line from the Rik Emmett song Out of the Blue. The story itself has nothing to do with either.

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