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It’s Never Too Late: My Long Journey to Chastity

It’s tempting to think that chastity is either a quaint idea from once upon a time or else an impossible goal in a sexually depraved culture. In both cases you’d be wrong. Chastity is not only real and possible today—no matter your age or station in life—but it alone leads to healthy relationships and is available to all with the grace of God. It’s never too late to live a chaste life. I should know. I’ll be 47 this month and just now beginning my life of chastity.

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Freedom or Slavery? The Perils of Being Single

Let’s admit it guys, the single life can be fun. Outside of work, we pretty much get to do what we want, when we want, without anybody telling us otherwise. Outside work, there’s no one that we’re really responsible to and no one who depends on us for anything. Many single guys just fist-pumped, “FREEDOM!” Pretty sweet, huh? Well, I’m here to tell you that being single can actually be (wait for it…) emasculating. OUCH! Yes, in a very real sense, being single prevents a man from truly living out his calling as a man, which is to lay down his life for those he loves.